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        Affordable Male Chest Fat Removal

        Why Us?

        Why PVR Aesthetica For Gynecomastia?

        At our PVR Aesthetica, you are definitely in safe hands. Endorsed by Doctors and guided by Dr Vinod Pachade and his team. PVR Aesthetica is leading in the arena when it comes to high quality and affordable gynecomastia treatment.

        Professional Surgeons

        PVR Aesthetica, at Koperkharine (Navi Mumbai), is the most reliable, as it has a team of experienced cosmetic and Hair Transplant surgeons. Dr Vinod Pachade heads PVR Aesthetica. The team has trained technicians that assist Dr Vinod Pachade. He is a worldwide known professional in the gynecomastia process. His abilities and knowledge are the results of practice of the past several decades.

        Affordable Gynecomastia Cost

        At PVR Aesthetica prices are affordable. It believes in quality results at minimal rates. All sorts of discussion regarding cost is done at the time of the consultation. We do not have any hidden fees as everything is discussed and all the expenses are billed thereafter.

        Hassle Free Experience

        The hassle free experience at PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Laser & Hair Transplant Centre are because of the streamlined process which ensures comfort during the treatment. We’ve developed a unique anesthesia solution, which makes the process easy.

        Options of Lodging are provided to ensure the hassle-free experience to the outpatients. The friendly nature of clinic staff along with the generous behavior of Dr Vinod Pachade provides a homely feeling to the patients.

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        Different Types of Gynecomastia Surgery


        If the primary cause of gynecomastia is excessive fatty tissues, then liposuction technique should provide the required results. Several small incisions are made to insert a cannula during this technique, which is a thin hollow tube. The cannula is moved to loosen the fat muscle, and then vacuum suction is used to remove those tissues.

        Excision Technique

        If the doctor needs to remove excess skin or glandular breast tissue, then the excision technique is used. This technique is also used if the areola needs to be reduced or if the nipples need to be repositioned. The pattern of the incision can differ from one individual to another.

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        Discover the Best Liposuction Doctor in India


        ( Cosmetic | Plastic Surgeon MBBS/MS General Surgery, M.Ch. Plastic Surgery )

        Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.


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        It’s Time To Regain Your Confidence

        PVR Aesthetica offers the safest and the Best Gynecomastia Surgery to get rid of enlarged male breasts..

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        In case of severe gynecomastia, the patient's chest area may look like a woman's breast. But when it comes to the most common cases, there will just be a bump under the nipple, which usually starts during puberty. In the less severe gynecomastia, the bump goes away over time. But sometimes, it may not go away, which means there will be a need for surgery. In addition, when it gets bigger, the bump can make your nipples look big, causing them to stick over the clothes.

        Moreover, if a kid is overweight, this bump will become even more prominent and look like a woman's chest. That's why this medical condition is also known as male boobs. Although some kids try to ignore it, hoping it will go away on its own, this experience can be quite jarring for someone in their school or college days. That's why most parents try to push them to visit the doctor for surgery.

        If you are looking for gynecomastia surgery in Navi Mumbai, come over to PVR Aesthetica. We are one of the best clinics in the Mumbai metropolitan area, providing treatment for gynecomastia in Navi Mumbai.

        There have been several studies researching the frequency of gynecomastia among the general population. The frequency of gynecomastia is around 60% to 70% among the masses, which is quite high. These studies have found gynecomastia to be most common in males of three age groups: newborns, boys in the age of puberty and older men (in senior ages).

        The primary cause of gynecomastia is hormonal imbalance. In men, testosterone (male sex hormone) is higher than oestrogen (female sex hormone). But when the oestrogen levels become abnormally higher than testosterone, it stimulates the breast tissue growth under and around the nipples.

        The testosterone not bound to the protein present in the blood is called free serum testosterone. The experts have found this type of testosterone to be lower in young boys suffering from gynecomastia.

        Gynecomastia can be quite common in young boys with a deficiency of free serum testosterone. So if you are looking for gynecomastia surgery in Navi Mumbai, come over to PVR Aesthetica. Not only do we have excellent facilities and infrastructure, but our gynecomastia surgery cost in Navi Mumbai is also affordable enough for anyone to avail of the procedure.

        One of the most frequent questions concerning gynecomastia raised by patients worldwide is "Can gynecomastia be caused due to medications other than steroids?". Simply put, yes. Several patients tend to admit to marijuana usage before telling the doctor about the steroids. There are several medications like those for high blood pressure and ulcers that may cause gynecomastia. Another factor people tend to ignore is alcohol. It can affect the liver's metabolism, enhancing the effects of medications and resulting in gynecomastia.

        If you are experiencing male breast development due to side effects of medications, come over to PVR Aesthetica for gynecomastia surgery in Navi Mumbai.

        Usually, insurance is of no help when it comes to gynecomastia surgery. Since gynecomastia surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, most insurance providers don't consider it valid for an insurance policy claim. But you can consider visiting your insurance provider to get a better idea of whether your policy covers gynecomastia surgery or not.

        Are you looking for surgery to treat gynecomastia in Navi Mumbai? Then, come over to PVR Aesthetica, as we have state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, along with affordable gynecomastia surgery costs in Navi Mumbai. So book your appointment for a consultation today!