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Burn surgery is a term used to define a host of procedures performed to treat burn injuries and prevent any complications that may follow.PVR Aesthetica offers the best burn surgery in Navi Mumbai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Burns are caused due to damage caused due to heat, excessive exposure to sun or electricity or chemical substances or other forms of radiation. Burns can vary from minor to major life-threatening emergencies.

    The treatment of burns depends on the place and extent of the damage. You can treat sunburns and minor burns at home. However, severe burns on a larger area require immediate medical treatment. Depending on the severity, the treatment can be carried out in specialised burn centres and need several months of recovery along with follow-up care.

    If you are in search of a good surgeon and clinic for burn surgery in Navi Mumbai, have a consultation with Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica. Thanks to our highly positive patient reviews and high success rate, we are considered one of the best hospitals for burn treatment in Navi Mumbai. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern facilities, and expert burn specialist doctors in Navi Mumbai mean effective surgery for everyone. So book an appointment and have a consultation today for effective treatment and smooth recovery.

    You can treat minor burns at home, and First-Aid can help you recover within a couple of weeks.

    In cases of severe burns, after proper first aid and diagnosis, the doctor would proceed with medications, wound dressing, surgery and therapy if needed. The treatment is done to reduce pain, remove dead tissues, avoid chances of infection and scarring and help restore function.

    Severe burns require special care and treatment at burn centres. Skin grafts may also be needed to cover larger areas of the wound. Besides medical treatment, emotional support is also an essential factor.

    Medical treatment

    After the first aid treatment, in case of a major burn, the doctor would prescribe medicines and ointments to help heal the damaged skin.

    • Water-based treatment: Ultrasound mist therapy is a common technique to clean the wounded areas without damage.
    • Hydration: Intravenous fluids help restore the water balance and prevent organ failure. 
    • Pain killer: The dressing change can be excruciating, for which strong medications like morphine and anti-anxiety medicines are also prescribed.
    • Ointments and creams: The doctors prescribe medications to avoid infection and promote faster healing. Ointments like Silvadene are commonly prescribed.
    • Dressings: The burn may require special wound dressings to ensure wound healing. In case of transfer to a burn centre, dry gauze is used.
    • Tetanus shot: It is usually given after a burn accident.
    • Antibiotics: Drugs to prevent infection, such as IV antibiotics, are prescribed.

    Physical and occupational therapy

    In case the damaged area is large and includes any joint surface, physical exercises are required to ensure the mobility of joints. The doctor may also include exercises to help in muscle strength and coordination. In addition, occupational therapy helps carry out day-to-day activities.

    Surgical procedure

    Here are some of the surgical procedures one may need: 

    • Breathing assistance: If the burn has damaged the face or neck region, a pipe is passed through the windpipe to ensure oxygen supply to the lungs.
    • Feeding tube: Those with severe burns might require a feeding tube to meet their nutritional demands. It is passed down from the nose to the stomach.
    • Passing blood circulation: If the scab (eschar) formed during healing in the limb grows, it can restrict movement and blood supply to the area. The eschar around the chest region can cause breathing issues. The doctor removes the eschar to allow blood circulation.
    • Skin grafts: In a skin graft surgery, portions of healthy skin from the donor area are used to replace the scarred areas of burns. 
    • Plastic surgery: It works by enhancing the appearance of the burnt skin area and the motion of the joints.

    So if you are looking for burn treatment, have a consultation with Dr Vinod Pachade, one of the top burn specialist doctors in Navi Mumbai, only at PVR Aesthetica. Our team of experts, led by Dr Pachade, examine the condition and guides you through the suitable course of treatment. Their experience and skills have helped many patients get their confidence back. So come over to PVR Aesthetica and get an appointment with our burn specialist in Navi Mumbai today.

    The treatment depends on the degree and extent of the burn. It is advised to run cold water over the wound but not ice butter or ointments as per common belief. Cover with a clean bandage and take required medicines to aid in healing.

    But, second and third-degree burns should be treated only under the supervision of a doctor at a burn centre.

    A first-degree burn affects the outermost skin layer or epidermis. For example, a moderate to severe sunburn. The second-degree burns can affect the skin layer beneath the epidermis, resulting in painful blisters. But third-degree burns affect all the skin layers and can result in organ damage. It can be life-threatening at times.

    As mentioned before, you can treat a minor burn at home. Run cool water on the area for 5 minutes, but avoid the application of ice. Keep the wounded area covered and protected to prevent infections. Also, do not use ointments or home remedies as they can worsen the area.

    The more damage caused by the burn, the more scarring chances. Minor burns usually heal, and the severe ones have a slight colour discolouration.

    To reduce scarring, keep the wound covered till it has a new skin layer. Also, protect it from sun exposure. 

    If you have been affected by second or third-degree burns, it would be best to visit the top burn specialist in Navi Mumbai. You can visit PVR Aesthetica and get in touch with Dr Vinod Pachade, a highly qualified and well-experienced burn specialist doctor in Navi Mumbai. He leads our burn treatments with the help of advanced technologies and a team of well-experienced professionals, all while ensuring additional comfort for the patient. That’s why we are highly regarded as one of the best hospitals for burn treatment in Navi Mumbai. So visit PVR Aesthetica for your first consultation today!