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Burn surgery is a term used to define a host of procedures performed to treat burn injuries and prevent any complications that may follow. PVR Aesthetica offers the best burn surgery in Thane.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Burns are the damaged tissues caused due to heat, overexposure to the sun, radiation or contact with chemical or electrical materials. Burns can either be insignificant medical problems or fatal emergencies.

    The treatment of burns is generally determined by factors such as the location or intensity of the damage. You can treat problems such as sunburns or small scalds at home itself. However, deep burns spread over large areas need medical treatment as soon as possible. Some people might also require treatment at a special burn centre and additional care, which can last for months.

    If you are looking for a burn specialist in Thane, contact Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica. He has got a solution for all your problems and is regarded as one of the best burn specialist doctors in Thane.

    If the burn is minor, you can easily treat them at home. However, if you experience a significant burn, you should first go for the appropriate first aid and carefully analyse the wound. After that, your treatment might include medications, dressings for the wound, therapy, and surgery. The main purpose of this treatment is to make the pain bearable, remove dead tissues, prevent infections, reduce the risks of infections and regain normal functions.

    If you have suffered from severe burns, your treatment will occur at special burn cells. You might also require skin grafting to cover the area that has experienced large wounds. You would also require emotional support and additional care along with physical therapy for months following the treatment.

    • Medical treatment: After receiving the preliminary first aid for a significant burn, your medical treatment would involve medications and products to help you recover and heal faster.
    • Water-based treatments: The treatment includes several methods, such as ultrasound mist therapy, which helps clean and stimulate the wound tissue.
    • Fluids to prevent dehydration: It includes intravenous or IV fluids, which help prevent dehydration or organ failure.
    • Pain and anxiety medications: Burns can be incredibly painful while healing; therefore, you might need morphine and anti-anxiety medications. The medications are essential for dressing changes.
    • Burn creams and ointments: In case you are not required to be transferred to the burn centre, the medical team can choose from various medications that help the wounds heal. Some of these medications are bacitracin and silver sulfadiazine, which help prevent infection or fasten the healing process of the wound.
    • Dressings: The medical team might also use special wound dressings which help the wound heal. In case you are being transferred to the burn centre, the wounds will be only covered with dry gauze.
    • Medications that fight infection: If you happen to suffer from any kind of infection, you will require antibiotic medications.
    • Tetanus shot: you might be suggested to take a tetanus shot by your doctor.
    • Physical and occupational therapy: If you have suffered from burns that have spread over large areas or covered any joints, you might require physical therapy exercises. The exercises can help stretch the skin so the joints can remain flexible. Other types of exercises can help in the improvement of your muscle strength and coordination. You can also seek occupational therapy if you have trouble while doing your normal daily activities.
    • Surgical and other procedures: Here are a few of the procedures that you may need if you have suffered from significant burns:
    • Breathing assistance: if you have suffered burns on your face and neck, your throat might swell up and shut. If the situation arises, the doctor will have to insert a tube through your windpipe that will supply oxygen to your lungs.
    • Feeding tube: Some people who have suffered from severe burns and are not fed properly might need nutritional support. In this scenario, the doctor will insert a tube into your stomach through the nose.
    • Facilitating easy blood flow around the wound: if the burn spreads over an area surrounding a limb, it might completely cut off the blood supply. Also, if the burn spreads all over the chest, breathing might become difficult. The doctor might then remove this burn scab to make breathing easier for you.
    • Skin grafts: This surgical procedure involves transplanting your healthy skin to the areas of damaged tissues caused by burning. The skin can also be grafted from other donors for a temporary period.
    • Plastic surgery: reconstruction or plastic surgery can help improve the appearance of the scars formed by burning. It also helps increase the joints' flexibility affected by scarring.

    Visit PVR Aesthetica for a consultation with Dr Vinod Pachade, one of the best burn specialist doctors in Thane. Our excellent facilities and advanced technologies can ensure you a successful burn surgery in Thane.

    If you have suffered from a first-degree burn, you can easily treat it at home. You can insert the burned area in cool tap water or compress it with a cold and wet cloth. Avoid applying ice, butter or ointments over the site, and cover it with a sterile bandage. In case you observe blisters, do not try to pop them and let them heal all by themselves. Instead, you can take painkillers or medications to reduce swelling. In the case of a second or third-degree burn, seek medical care as soon as possible. It requires treatment at a hospital or a burn centre.

    Like severe sunburns, first-degree burns affect the outermost layer of the skin, such as severe sunburn.

    Second-degree burns occur when the second layer of skin is affected. They cause blisters and are painful. Third-degree burns affect all the layers of skin and cause permanent damage or may also be fatal.

    You can quickly treat minor or blistering burns at home. However, in case of confusion, you can always have a consultation with your doctor. Here are some things that you can do: 

    • Cool the burn: put the area under cool running water for 5 minutes, as it helps stop the burning process and reduces pain or swelling. Avoid applying ice on a burn; do not rub it as it worsens the injury. Do not pop blisters as they can cause infection. 
    • Cover the burn: In this procedure, you need to cover the area with a clean bandage and ensure that it does not stick to the wound, or else it might cause infection. 
    • Protect the burn: keep the site clean by using soap and water. Do not apply ointments, butter, or other home remedies unless instructed by the doctor. 

    If you want one of the best hospitals for burn treatment in Thane, visit PVR Aesthetica. Our team, led by Dr Vinod Pachade, one of the highly regarded burn specialist doctors in Thane, can provide the patients with their desired results.

    Scarring depends on the intensity of the scars, and minor scars do not leave any scars. To reduce the chances of scarring, protect the wound and do not apply any fluid. Also, protect it from the sun to avoid discolouration of the skin.

    PVR Aesthetica is one of the best hospitals for burn treatment in Thane. So if you want a consultation with a burn specialist in Thane, book an appointment with Dr Vinod Pachade today!


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