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    Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.

    He is a renowned plastic/cosmetic surgeon in Navi Mumbai. He specialises in :

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    Only certified specialists can perform a hair transplant procedure. Therefore, while looking for a perfect hair transplantation doctor for yourself, avoid consulting doctors who have a general MBBS degree. Instead, check the qualification and the duration of the doctor's training, and ensure they specialise in performing the hair transplants. Rather than being enticed by the media advertisements of large clinic chains, you should check the doctors' qualifications and experience.

    At PVR Aesthetica, we have Dr Vinod Pachade, who is one of the best hair transplant doctors in Thane. He will ensure you get excellent treatment at the most affordable price.

    If you want to undergo a hair transplantation procedure, you must get it done by a well-qualified doctor who ensures the best results. Here are a few things you may want to think about before choosing the right doctor for yourself: 

    • Trained in plastic surgery: The doctor you are selecting for your hair transplant procedure must have a postgraduate degree in plastic surgery or dermatology with a special emphasis on hair transplantation. The duration of training is generally 4 years in the medical school and after that 4 to 7 residency. All these years of education and practice are necessary for hair transplantation as it needs skills and expertise. 
    • Additional hair transplant training: Dermatological and plastic surgery are broad subjects, and not every doctor is specialised in hair transplantation. The doctors qualified to perform hair transplantation have special training and understand the process thoroughly. 
    • Relevant Experience: There are different kinds of hair transplantation procedures, and the donor hair can be transplanted from any part of the body. You should select a doctor who specialises in the kind of hair transplantation you seek. You should also make sure that the doctor has had a record of successful procedures. You can go through their reviews online and pictures of their patients' before and after results. 
    • Beware of imposters: The field of hair transplantation is not regulated as much, which makes it easy for anyone having a degree to call themselves a hair transplant surgeon. You should check the doctor's qualifications and make sure that you are comfortable with them. 

    If you want treatment with the best hair transplant doctor in Thane, you should contact Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica. You can have a consultation with him without any inconvenience and get your treatment done efficiently, at the best price.

    Hair grafting is one of the most frequently-opted types of hair transplant surgery. In this type of surgery, the doctor would remove tiny segments of the scalp which contain healthy hair. Sometimes a small and a round punch is used to extract around 10 to 15 follicles of hair, and these grafts are known as "hair plugs". The micrografts consist of about 1 to 2 strands of hair.

    The procedure requires several hours, and you will receive medication to numb the transplantation area. You might need additional procedures, depending on the amount of hair needed for transplantation. You need to wait for a few months between the procedures to let your scalp heal.

    After you undergo the hair transplantation procedure, you might need to visit your doctor for several follow up procedures. The doctor will ensure that your scalp is healing properly. However, in case you happen to experience any inconvenience or problems after your hair transplantation procedure, you must consult with your doctor as soon as possible. Here are some of the issues that might occur after the hair transplant procedure: 

    • A fever that persists for several days. 
    • If you keep bleeding from your scalp excessively. 
    • If you observe intense redness or pain on your scalp. 
    • If you observe any kind of infection, like a green or yellow pus coming out from the incisions of your scalp. 

    Hair transplantation is a very delicate process, and therefore you must get your treatment done by one of the best hair transplant doctors in Thane. If you want more hair on your scalp without any inconvenience and with guaranteed results, consult Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica. He will give you excellent results at an affordable price without any discomfort.

    If you want to go for a hair transplant, make sure that you do not consult a general MBBS doctor. You should see that the doctor you are consulting has been involved in the practice of hair transplantation specifically and has an MCI recognised qualification. You might have homoeopathic, ayurvedic or some OT technicians available for treatment, but they rarely have an MBBS degree. The doctors qualified to perform a hair transplantation surgery are MS, ENT, MD Derma, MS General and MCH Plastic Surgery. These qualifications are generally not available among broad categories.

    When people in their youth start to lose their hair, they tend to get insecure and are desperate to fix the problem as soon as possible. In this situation, hair transplant surgery is the best way to restore lost hair.

    As time passes, you will continue to lose more hair; however, the strip of the transplanted hair will remain intact and will not fall out. The situation will make your hair look artificial, and you might consider doing the hair transplantation procedure again, which will increase your expenses significantly. If you continue to lose hair over a long period, the transplanted hair would not be able to hold on to a natural pattern of hair. Therefore you must avoid undergoing hair transplantation surgery during your early 20s.

    If you want treatment with one of the best hair transplantation doctors in Thane, contact Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica. PVR Aesthetica is a clinic with an excellent medical team, facilities and infrastructure, which helps provide the patients with successful treatment for different cosmetic issues. So book your appointment for a consultation with Dr Pachade today!