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    Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.

    He is a renowned plastic/cosmetic surgeon in Navi Mumbai. He specialises in :

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    The primary reason for hair loss is genetics. The trait of hair loss can be inherited from either parent. Most men are affected by hair loss because testosterone is the activator for this condition. You cannot completely stop the hair loss caused due to inheritance. The age of onset, the extent of hair loss and the rate are different for every individual. The hair loss can be further accelerated by illness, lack of nutrients, etc. the use of hair colour and chemical relaxers in an improper manner can damage the hair follicle resulting in permanent hair loss. Wearing hair, shampooing frequently, lack of blood flow and clogged pores of the scalp are some of the common myths related to hair loss.

    Hair transplants are an effective and safe way to get natural-looking permanent hair. The hair is transferred from the donor site to the recipient site. There are no chances of rejection as it is from one’s body itself. The transplanted hair grows and has its characteristics in terms of growth rate, texture and colour. During the regrowth phase, the hair would curl a little. Earlier, larger grafts containing 15 to 20 hair follicles were transplanted, which gave an unnatural look. Doctors now use a smaller graft with advancements in medical science, which offers a natural look. On the scalp, hair grows in groups of two or three. The surgeon would remove the excess fat from the follicles and place them close to each other in the recipient area giving a denser look.

    The recovery phase is equally important in determining the success of the surgery. It is necessary to follow all the instructions of the doctor. In the initial 4 to 7 days, small scabs would be formed on the graft sites. After that, they would disappear on their own. You can shampoo the hair gently 24 hours after the surgery. The stitch done on the donor area is camouflaged by the existing hair. It is advisable to take two days of rest after the surgery. Avoid any kind of physical exercise or activity for at least five days after the surgery. It is completely normal for your transplanted hair would fall out in 2 to 4 weeks. The new hair would start growing in 3 to 4 months at the rate of half an inch per month. The rate of growth also varies from person to person.

    Hair transplantation surgery causes minimal to nearly no pain. However, a small amount of pain is felt when the anaesthetic is injected into the scalp before the surgery. The anaesthesia helps in numbing the sensation of pain in the region. In case the effect of the anaesthesia reduces or finishes off in between the surgery, the area has to be re-anaesthetised.

    Hair transplantation is one of the permanent, long-lasting solutions to hair loss. It is comparatively more expensive than the other options available. The transplanted hair continues to grow for the entire lifetime and the recovery period is comparatively faster. Hence, hair growth is natural; thus, patients consider it a good investment. The surgery was well planned before, and the number of sessions required for a patient depends on several factors. It depends on the following factors:

    1. The area of the thinning hair or bald area
    2. Desired density and volume of hair
    3. Number and size of grafts implanted

    The cost of surgery can vary from place to place. If you are looking for a hair clinic in Thane, consider visiting PVR Aesthetica. We are recognised among the best hair transplant clinics in Thane, thanks to our association with excellent doctors like Dr Vinod Pachade. We are now a trusted name with high experience and multiple successful operations. So contact us or visit our website to get a solution to all your hair problems from the best hair transplant clinic in Thane.

    Anyone with severe hair loss is the right candidate. Several technological advancements have made hair transplants suitable for people with most types of hair groupings, curls and thicknesses. You can check if you are eligible for a hair transplant at PVR Aesthetica, a renowned hair clinic in Thane. Contact us and book an appointment.

    Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is the option for those who can stay under waking sedation for long hours. The success of the procedure depends on the health of the patient. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or any other chronic disease, you may not be suitable for this type of hair transplantation technique. However, if the conditions are well managed and under control, the doctor may suggest follicular unit extraction.

    Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is the process of removing a thin strip of hair containing scalp from the donor region. The thin strip of the hair follicle is then divided and separated into 1 to 3 hair follicles by the team of surgeons. It is then inserted into the incisions made on the recipient area. As a result, a thin scar is left on the donor site, which eventually gets covered up by the growing hair.

    It would take nearly 7 to 14 days to recover from the hair transplantation surgery completely. It also depends on the technique used for the surgery. In the case of FUE, the recovery phase is shorter than FUT. The patient can get back to their daily routine within 2 to 3 days of the surgery. Try to avoid any high-intensity physical activity during the recovery phase. You can return to your office in 7 to 14 days if the environment has dust or it is not allowed to wear caps. Hair transplant surgery is a big step, and thus you should research the hospital. With top-class treatment and services, PVR Aesthetica is regarded as one of the best hair transplant clinics in Thane. We ensure that each patient is a priority and provide the proper attention. So wait no more and contact us now.