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Lipolysis is mainly used to remove a small deposit of fat collected on certain body parts, including hips, thighs and buttocks. PVR Aesthetica offers the best lipolysis in Thane.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lipolysis is a cosmetic performed to enhance and get the perfect shape and contour in any part of the body. It is done with the help of laser energy, radio energy and other injection-based treatments. Among these, laser lipolysis is the most commonly used method. 

    A lipolysis is an excellent option for those who desire a small amount of fat removal from the hips, abdomen, thighs or other areas. However, it may not be ideal for people with large amounts of fat deposition.

    If you are looking for hospitals providing affordable lipolysis costs in Thane, you can contact us at PVR Aesthetica. We have an association with Dr Vinod Pachade, a renowned doctor for mesolipolysis in Thane who has performed many surgeries and transformed their lives. Along with it, our highly advanced technologies aim to provide each patient with successful surgery and a memorable experience. So get in touch with our surgeons right away and book your appointment for lipolysis in Thane at PVR Aesthetica

    It is a short-duration procedure completed in an hour, and you would be awake throughout the procedure. Therefore, it can be completed in one sitting only, even if multiple areas are being treated. 

    Some patients opt for lipolysis and liposuction together. However, the recovery time and process vary for it.

    For a patient undergoing laser lipolysis, here is an overview of the procedure:

    • You are given a sterile scrub or gown to wear in the hospital
    • Local anaesthesia injection is given in the targeted area.
    • The surgeon proceeds with a very small incision in the targeted area.
    • The laser is inserted through this incision within the skin layers and moved back and forth for fat decomposition. Some sensation of heat or cold would be felt in the area during it. There would be nearly no discomfort felt during the surgery because of the influence of anaesthesia used. 
    • The fat broken down is then removed from the body by a suction pump or message depending on its quantity.
    • After it is removed from the body, the patient can stand up, walk on their own and carry on with their daily activities. 

    Are you considering getting lipolysis in Thane? You can search for hospitals online or visit us at PVR Aesthetica. We have a team of well-trained and experienced healthcare professionals and staff to ensure your treatment is in the right hands. So come over to PVR Aesthetica and book an appointment now.

    After the surgery, the doctor would prescribe some antibiotics for about three to five days to combat any infection. Then, they would discuss how you can maintain your desired surgery results with the help of exercise and diet.

    The speed of recovery varies from person to person. It is suggested to avoid all kinds of high-intensity exercises for at least eight days to allow healing. 

    The results of the surgery would be visible after the procedure is completed. The skin starts to look tight and firm. In the incision area, bruising, inflammation and redness are visible, which go away on their own.

    Be careful and observe the region for any kind of change. Inform your doctor if you feel any extreme pain. Then, visit your doctor for a follow-up after a week to know more about your healing progress.

    Lipolysis injection is an ideal option for those who are targeting a smaller area which reduces the stress on the body as compared to liposuction surgery. Injection lipolysis is a less invasive and non-operative method, whereas liposuction is a surgical procedure. In addition, liposuction involves the removal of fat at the time of surgery itself, whereas lipolysis is a slower process as the fat melts down in several months. Injection lipolysis is an excellent option to remove any left fat and tighten the skin after liposuction surgery.

    It works its way into the subcutaneous tissue through the injection containing the active substance called phosphatidylcholine (PPC). It breaks down fat layers into smaller fragments. As the fat is broken down, the contour gets leaner.

    Phosphatidylcholine is one of the components of our body. The function of PPC in the body is to break down fat and cholesterol, emulsion it, and make it easier for absorption. It is one of the integral parts of the cell membrane and good cholesterol. It is well known and widely used for lowering cholesterol levels and is known as liver protective.

    The desired results would need two to three sessions to be evident. It depends on each case and the area in which the procedure is performed. It is because of the different responses of the body to the injection and the type of fat which is being targeted. It is easier to break down and remove soft fat as compared to fibrous fat. 

    The doctor would discuss the number of sittings needed after a thorough consultation. The procedure is a sure way to get rid of fat with the right number of sessions. 

    It is necessary to be comfortable with your doctor for a successful surgery. If you are searching for an experienced doctor for lipolysis in Thane, have a consultation at PVR Aesthetica. We have a team of experienced healthcare professionals led and guided by Dr Vinod Pachade, a well-known cosmetic surgeon for mesolipolysis in Thane.

    Injection lipolysis does not cause much pain. That is because the skin's subcutaneous layer has fewer nerve fibres. It feels like a slight prick like the usual injections, with a little burning and itching sensation in the region.

    Still wondering if injection lipolysis is the right option or not? Book an appointment for expert guidance on lipolytic injections in Thane at PVR Aesthetica. We ensure that our patient has complete knowledge about the details of the surgery, recovery to the cost of the procedure. So book an appointment at PVR Aesthetica for affordable lipolysis costs in Thane.


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