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Cancer treatment has a damaging impact on patients’ bodies. It can alter their functioning or looks. Thus, to repair the damage caused by the treatment another surgery is required that is known as reconstructive surgery PVR Aesthetica offers the best Cancer Reconstructive Surgery in Thane.

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    Dr. Vinod Pachade is the founder and director of the PVR Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery Center. He is the member of Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI) and also the winner of Asia Book of Records.

    He is a renowned plastic/cosmetic surgeon in Navi Mumbai. He specialises in :

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery involve various procedures and treatments. It aims at improving certain regions of the head and neck. It requires state-of-the-art techniques to handle some of the complex reconstructive surgeries or cosmetic treatments that enhance the physical appearance.

    Facial plastic surgery involves both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery around the head and neck area. Patients who undergo appearance-altering trauma opt for reconstructive surgery. Moreover, the removal of skin cancers, head or neck cancers, or those suffering from congenital conditions undergo surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve some specific physical features. Procedures such as rhinoplasty (a reshaping of the nose), face lifts, and liposuction are included in them.

    The process of ageing tends to bring significant changes in one's appearance. Most of the changes are about the individual ageing process. However, various lifestyle factors can also cause the skin to age more quickly. Environmental causes such as prolonged sun exposure and smoking lead to premature ageing.

    It is important that preventive measures, such as sunscreen, help to defend against the condition. One can find numerous treatments, creams, medicines, etc., that aim to reverse facial ageing. Though it is not sure to show effective results, several proven treatments can help rejuvenate the ageing face.

    Lasers have revolutionised facial rejuvenation with non-surgical treatments, BOTOX, injectable fillers, Juvederm, Sculptra etc. The results that they offer are effective with minimal downtime.

    For permanent results, surgery is outmost the most effective option. It can include race and neck lifting, upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty, brow lifting, and facial liposuction. The surgery offers an extraordinary reversal of the signs of facial ageing and, at the same time, maintains a natural appearance.

    Are you searching for cancer remodeling surgery in Thane? PVR Aesthetica is known to be one of the best hospitals for cancer reconstruction surgery in Thane. Contact us now for cancer reconstruction treatment in Thane.

    How long the result of cosmetic surgery lasts depends on the following factors:

    • The length of the result of different treatments can vary.
    • Different patients have different lengths of results.

    It is to be remembered that BOTOX and injectable fillers are not permanent treatments. The result of BOTOX lasts for three to six months. At the same time, Injectable fillers last for six months to years. It also depends on the filler used and the location injected.

    Surgery offers long-lasting results. Rhinoplasty results last a lifetime; other surgeries, such as facelifts, blepharoplasties, etc., typically last from 5-15 years.

    If you need to undergo cancer reconstruction surgery in Thane, then consult Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica. He, along with his highly experienced team, provides one of the most effective cancer reconstructions in Thane.

    Moreover, the hospital has advanced equipment and technology for cancer reconstruction treatments in Thane. So, book your appointment now for cancer remodeling surgery in Thane.

    The nose is one of the most significant facial features. If your nose gets broken, don't worry because it can often be diagnosed based on a clinical exam. A broken nose changes the nose's appearance and increases nasal breathing problems. To detect nasal fractures, X-rays are performed. CT scans can also provide useful results, but it is generally performed to evaluate the face for other broken bones or injuries fully. Patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose after a fracture or facing problems seek medical attention. There are numerous treatment options available for broken noses. If the injury is early, the bones can be manually pushed back into their place. Doctors in an operating room do it. This option can help you avoid surgery. The final result of appearance and nasal breathing can take time. As the bones start to heal, surgery might be needed to reposition the nasal bones and cartilage. Choosing a treatment plan that considers the manner and pattern of injury with the patient's expectations is best. Only then are good results followed. Searching for the best cancer reconstructive in Thane can be cumbersome. But with PVR Aesthetica, all your search comes to an end. The medical staff here are highly empathetic towards patients and provide effective cancer reconstruction in Thane. Contact us now to learn about full body cancer reconstructive in Thane.

    Skin cancer is treated by surgically removing the cancerous site. The wound caused by surgery can be healed independently, but plastic or reconstructive surgery may be needed in some cases. The reconstructive procedure could be performed together with the cancer removal surgery. In some cases, it is done within a few days. It involves the use of techniques such as primary closure (a pulling together and suturing of the surgical wound), grafting (the use of skin from another part of the body to cover the wound), and nap reconstruction (the removal of skin near the incision site).

    PVR Aesthetica is one of the best cancer reconstructions in Thane. We have all the required equipment and a professional medical team that helps patients understand their condition. We are known to offer one of the best cancer reconstructive in Thane. The advanced medical equipment and technology allow us to provide full body cancer reconstructive in Thane. So book your appointment now for a cancer reconstruction replacement in Thane.


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