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Otoplasty is a cosmetic method used to alternate the spot, shape, or size of the ear using everlasting sutures. PVR Aesthetica offers otoplasty in Navi Mumbai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery done on the outer ear portion known as the auricle. It is an option for people with underdeveloped auricles. It is also done to correct the ear position, size or shape.

    Here are the different types of otoplasty:

    • Ear augmentation: Those who have underdeveloped ears can opt for this type to get more prominent ears.
    • Ear pinning: It is performed in cases where the ears seem away from the face. It helps in bringing the ears closer.
    • Ear reduction: It is a procedure to decrease the ears' size.

    If you are looking for any of the following types of ear surgery in Navi Mumbai, get in touch with the experts at PVR Aesthetica. We can help you with successful otoplasty at affordable prices.

    Any medical surgery has some risks like bleeding, reaction to the anaesthesia used and infection.

    Here are a few risks associated with otoplasty:

    • Scarring: The scars left after the surgery are usually permanent, but they are hidden behind the creases of the ear.
    • Incorrect placement of the ear: It could be due to the changes when the body is recovering. At times, surgery cannot correct the asymmetrical placement of the ear.
    • Numbness: As a result, repositioning the ears can cause changes in sensation, which gradually improve with time.
    • Allergic reaction: You may experience an allergic reaction due to the tapes, medications and anaesthesia.
    • Stitches removal: The stitches done to keep the ears in position can come to the surface resulting in skin inflammation.
    • Unnatural look: Sometimes, the ears may look pinned back, giving a strange look.

    Looking for affordable otoplasty costs in Navi Mumbai? Then book an appointment for a consultation at PVR Aesthetica. Our experts would explain everything about otoplasty in Navi Mumbai. With our top-notch facilities and well-experienced doctors, we are among the most affordable ear surgery costs in Navi Mumbai.

    Here we have a detailed overview of what would happen before, during and after the surgery.

    Before consultation

    The success rate of the surgery depends on the hands of the doctor to a large extent. Therefore, always look for a board-certified plastic surgeon for otoplasty. In the consultation session, you would get to meet the doctor in person, and they would clear all your doubts. For example, the following things would happen in the consultation meeting:

    • Medical history: The doctor would ask about your existing health conditions, medication and previous surgeries (if any). It helps them get an overview of your current health status.
    • Physical assessment: The surgeon would examine your ear shape, size and placement. They might take pictures for later comparison.
    • Conversation: The surgeon would explain the procedure, how to take care of the ear after the surgery, the associated risks, and the surgery's cost. They would also ask about your expectations and reasons for the surgery.
    • Doubt Clearance: Don't hesitate and ask all questions you have in your mind related to the surgery. You can also ask them for before and after transformation photos, the surgeon's qualifications and experience.

    During the surgery

    Otoplasty is an outpatient surgery that can be completed in a short duration of 1 to 3 hours and doesn't require an overnight stay in the hospital.

    The surgery is performed using local anaesthesia in the case of adults and older children. General anaesthesia is used for younger children.

    Otoplasty generally involves the following steps:

    • An incision is made on the back of the ear or inside the folds of the ear.
    • The tissues of the ear are then operated on. It may include removing the ear cartilage, reshaping the cartilage or adding cartilage tissue to the ears.
    • Stitches to close the incisions.

    After the surgery

    After the completion of the surgery, dressings would be done, and the ears area would be covered. You can follow the following tips for better reverie:

    • Do not touch your ears
    • Avoid sleeping in a position where the pressure is on the ears
    • Avoid clothes which have to be pulled down from the head. Go for some buttoned clothes.
    • The stitches usually dissolve away, but they might have to be removed by the surgeon in some cases.

    To ensure your ear surgery is successful and the recovery process is smooth, follow the post-procedure instructions properly.

    The adults and teenagers who are the right fit for the surgery are:

    • Any individual who does not suffer from any extreme life-threatening disease
    • Optimistic toward the surgery with realistic expectations
    • Does not have a smoking habit

    Children suffering from the problem can also undergo surgery. The one with the following is the right candidate:

    • Does not suffer from any life-threatening disease
    • In a state of good health
    • Of the age of 5 years, such that the ear cartilage is stable
    • Understands and follows instructions

    Ear surgery is an intense procedure and should be done only for oneself and not to fit someone's ideal image.

    Only an expert healthcare professional can determine if ear surgery is the right option for you or not. So you can get in touch with eminent doctors like Dr Vinod Pachade, a well-known doctor for otoplasty in Navi Mumbai. Our doctors are well experienced, highly qualified and prioritise the patients always. So visit PVR Aesthetica and learn more about ear surgery costs in Navi Mumbai.

    After the surgery, take a break from your work for at least one week. Then, take complete rest and follow all the instructions of the doctor.

    After the surgery, the doctor would bandage your head and give instructions for maintaining the bandage. They would explain how to maintain the bandage and how long it should be worn. It is usually worn for three days. After that, the surgeon would do a headband type of dressing which should be worn for at least three weeks to ensure a better recovery phase. Any stitches done would be removed in a week by the surgeon. The procedure would leave some scars which would gradually fade away with time.

    Before proceeding with the decision to undergo surgery, it is necessary to ensure that it is within your means. You can check for otoplasty costs in Navi Mumbai after consultation with us at PVR Aesthetica. Our experienced doctors provide high-quality treatment with the help of advanced technologies and excellent facilities. So contact us now and get complete details of ear surgery costs in Navi Mumbai.


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