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Also known as thigh lift, thighplasty can be defined as a surgical procedure that helps tighten and improve your thighs’ appearance. PVR Aesthetica offers the best thigh lift in Navi Mumbai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Also known as thigh lift, thighplasty can be defined as a surgical procedure that helps tighten and improve your thighs' appearance. Your thigh might have excess skin on it due to ageing, pregnancy or extreme weight loss. They might also have a dimpled look or a flabby appearance due to sagging skin. The main aim of a thigh lift procedure is to lift and shape up your thighs to look slimmer and more proportionate. You can go for a combination of thighplasty and liposuction procedures to make your thighs look smoother and toner.

    Before going for the procedure, you must remember that a thigh lift is not a solution for losing weight. Instead, it is ideal for people who have their desired weight but are not very satisfied with the appearance of their thighs.

    PVR Aesthetica is ideal for thighplasty in Navi Mumbai as we have great doctors and advanced facilities, which ensures successful results. You can check our reviews online and contact us to undergo a thigh lift in Navi Mumbai.

    Here are the details of how the procedure of thigh lift is performed:

    Before the surgery: Before you get started with the procedure, your doctor will ask for the details of your medical history and give you thorough instructions. They will also answer all the questions you have and analyse if you are eligible to undergo surgery. They will also confirm if you have had a constant healthy weight in the months leading to the surgery, as weight might affect the surgery results. You must also refrain from taking aspirin, herbal medications and some anti-inflammatory medications, as it increases bleeding risks.

    During the surgery: While you are going for the thigh lift procedure, you will be given certain medications that will keep you comfortable during the entire procedure. Apart from that, you will also be provided with local anaesthesia or sedation. However, general anaesthesia is mostly used to conduct the procedure. Your plastic surgeon will go on to modify the body tissue and make an incision on your thigh. The incision will be done based on the thigh lift that you have chosen to undergo and the surgical plan that the doctor already discussed. After the incision has been made, the plastic surgeon will remove stubborn fat in small amounts along with soft tissues. If the amount of fat is a lot, you will need to undergo a liposuction procedure first. After removing fat and soft tissues, the doctor will pull the skin taut and trim it. Doing this will make it look smooth and svelte, and the incision is closed with stature. Closing the incisions will prevent infection or deposition of fluids.

    After the surgery: There may be some swelling, pain, and bruising after you are done with the thigh lift procedure. However, there is a silver lining. You will be able to notice the changes and improvement of the contours immediately. You might also experience some tightness and discomfort for around 2 to 3 days after the surgery. If the pain becomes severe, you can intake the prescribed medications to reduce it. Before you are discharged, the doctor will advise you on the precautions you must take and the medications you must intake.

    Are you looking for a good hospital offering thigh lifts in Navi Mumbai? Then, visit PVR Aesthetica, as our excellent doctors can help you get your desired results without any inconvenience. Therefore if you want an affordable thigh lift cost in Navi Mumbai, visit PVR Aesthetica and contact Dr Vinod Pachde to get your treatment done successfully.

    After undergoing the procedure, you will experience a bit of bruising, inflammation and pain in the area. Apart from that, you would also have to wear compression garments to reduce swelling and fasten the healing process. There might also be incisions made in your body to drain the collected fluids, and you are required to keep a record of the collected fluids in the log book. The drains will be removed after the expected amount of fluid is extracted out of the body.

    After two weeks, the surgical sutures will be removed. You will be prescribed certain medications for pain and swelling, and you have to take them during this period after the surgery. You should avoid using a bathtub, swimming, or hot tub before your doctor suggests you do so. You will be only allowed to shower two days after the procedure. You can return to your work and perform daily activities after around 7 to 10 days. You can resume other physical activities 4 to 6 weeks after the surgery. The scars formed due to the procedure will mostly be hidden in your boy's natural creases and will gradually fade away.

    If you want a thigh lift in Navi Mumbai, visit PVR Aesthetica. We have expert doctors who can get your treatment done at an affordable price. To get a reasonable thigh lift cost in Navi Mumbai, contact Dr Vinod Pachade.

    A few of the side effects of thighplasty are bruising, numbness and sutures. Scars are also a common problem because of the procedure. But compared to other cosmetic procedures, the ones caused by thighplasty can widen and develop redness. The patient may also delay healing.

    If you want a thigh lift in Navi Mumbai, visit PVR Aesthetica. We have expert doctors who can get your treatment done at an affordable price. So for a successful thighplasty in Navi Mumbai, get a consultation with Dr Vinod Pachade at PVR Aesthetica.


    Patient Testimonials

    What Is Thigh Lift Surgery?

    Thigh lift surgery, also known as thighplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the contour and appearance of the thighs. The procedure lifts and shapes up the thighs by eliminating excess skin and fat to make them look slimmer and toner. 

    It is an effective solution for individuals dealing with loose skin in the thigh region due to:

    1. Extreme weight loss
    2. Pregnancy
    3. Ageing
    4. Genetic factors. 

    Types Of Thighplasty

    4 types of thighplasty based on the incision location to remove excess skin and fat: 

    Inner Thigh Lift: Targets the inner thigh area by removing excess skin and fat to improve the contour and reduce sagging.

    Mini Thigh Lift: A less invasive procedure that focuses on a smaller area, ideal for patients with minor skin laxity in the upper inner thigh.

    Outer Thigh Lift: Concentrates on the outer thigh region, addressing sagging skin and enhancing overall thigh appearance.

    Vertical Thigh Lift: Involves a vertical incision along the inner thigh to correct significant skin laxity and achieve a more sculpted contour.

    Benefits Of Thigh Lift Surgery

    8 Key advantages of thighplasty include:

    1. Improves thigh contour
    2. Boosts self-confidence of Individuals who have struggled with loose or sagging skin 
    3. Enhances proportions which improves body silhouette
    4. Eliminates chafing and discomfort by eliminating the excess skin folds
    5. Post thigh lift surgery, patients can enjoy a wider range of clothing options without feeling self-conscious.
    6. Improvements achieved through thighplasty are generally long-lasting, especially if patients maintain a stable weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
    7. Thighplasty can improve mobility and make exercise and daily activities more comfortable.
    8. Patients often report feeling more positive about their bodies, experiencing increased self-esteem, and enjoying an improved quality of life overall.

    Who Can Undergo Thigh Lift Surgery?

    Thigh lift surgery is a popular cosmetic treatment in Mumbai aimed at enhancing the contour and appearance of the thighs. If you are considering thigh lift surgery as a cosmetic treatment in Mumbai, it’s crucial to understand who the ideal candidates are and why this procedure may be beneficial for you.

    Eligibility Criteria for Thigh Lift Surgery in Navi Mumbai

    To be an ideal candidate for thigh lift surgery in Navi Mumbai, individuals should meet the following 5 criteria:

    Excess Skin and Fat: Candidates should have loose or sagging skin and/or excess fat in the thigh area that they wish to address through surgery.

    Stable Weight: It is essential to have maintained a stable weight for a considerable period before considering the procedure. Individuals experiencing weight fluctuations significantly before and after the surgery may not get the desired outcome.

    Good Overall Health: Suitable candidates must be in good overall health and have no existing medical conditions that may increase the risks associated with surgery.

    Smoking Cessation: Smoking can impair the body’s healing process and increase the risk of complications. Ideal candidates for thigh lift surgery in Navi Mumbai should be non-smokers or willing to quit smoking several weeks before the procedure.

    Realistic Expectations: It is recommended that candidates have realistic expectations about the surgery’s outcomes. A consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon helps to set appropriate expectations and know the potential results.

    How Is Thigh Lift Performed?

    Thigh lift surgery is tailored to each patient’s unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Here’s a 7-step guide on how thigh lift surgery is typically performed:

    Step 1: Consultation and Preoperative Assessment

    The patient consults a board-certified plastic surgeon for the assessment of medical history, thighs’ current condition, and the desired outcomes. A thorough examination helps determine the most suitable thigh lift technique and plan for the surgery.

    Step 2: Anaesthesia Administration

    The patient is administered general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation right before the procedure. This ensures the patient’s comfort and safety throughout the procedure.

    Step 3: Incision Placement 

    The surgeon carefully plans the incision placement based on the chosen technique. He creates an incision in the groin area and then proceeds based on either medial (inner) thigh lift or outer thigh lift. For the medial thigh lift, incisions are made along the inner thigh crease, while the outer thigh lift requires incisions along the outer hip and thigh.

    Step 4: Fat Removal

    The surgeon now proceeds to remove the excess skin and fat. Precise surgical techniques are used to sculpt the thighs and achieve the desired contour. 

    Liposuction may be employed to further refine the thigh’s shape and remove stubborn fat.

    Step 5: Tissue Tightening 

    After the excess skin and fat are removed, the remaining tissues are carefully tightened to create a smoother and toned appearance.

    Step 6: Wound Closure 

    The surgeon closes the incisions with sutures after desired contour is achieved. The incisions are placed discreetly to minimize visible scarring, and the surgical site is carefully dressed and bandaged.

    Step 7: Recovery and Postoperative Care 

    The patient is taken to a recovery area after the successful completion of the surgery. The medical team closely monitors the patient’s vitals as the effect of anaesthesia wears off. 

    The surgical team provides detailed postoperative instructions on wound care, pain management, and activity restrictions to promote proper healing and optimal results.

    The entire procedure may last for approximately 2 hours. However, the surgeon will let you know about the time estimate during the preoperative consultation.

    How Is The Recovery After Thigh Lift Like?

    Post-thigh lift surgery proper recovery is crucial for achieving optimal results and minimizing complications. The recovery phase and the experience vary from patient to patient owing to their unique anatomy and personalized treatment.

    Here is a general overview of what to expect during the healing journey.

    • Initial discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common side effects of the procedure. Patients are usually advised to wear compression garments.  
      These specialized garments provide gentle pressure to the treated areas, reducing fluid buildup and aiding in contouring the thighs.
    • The incision sites may feel sore and tender. Patients may experience mild to moderate pain initially. However, it can be effectively managed with the prescribed pain medications.
    • The incision sites should be kept clean and dry. Proper wound care and hygiene will help prevent infections and ensure a smooth healing process.
    • Avoid strenuous activities that may strain the thighs.
    • Adequate rest and a balanced diet are essential to support the body’s healing process. 
    • Staying hydrated and light movements to prevent blood clotting are important for optimal recovery.

    It may take approximately 6 weeks or more to witness the final results of the treatment. Each patient’s healing process varies based on individual factors, such as age, overall health, and adherence to post-operative instructions.

    What Are Risks Associated With Thigh Lift?

    Thigh lift surgery is generally safe but it is essential to recognize and be aware of the potential risks associated with it.

    • Infections can occur at the incision sites if proper wound care and hygiene are not maintained. 
      Remedy: It is essential to take the prescribed antibiotics and adhere to the post-operative care instructions. Sterilization protocols need to be strictly followed during the procedure.
    • Although rare, excessive bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, and fluid accumulation may occur during or after the surgery.
      Remedy: Skilled surgeons employ meticulous techniques to minimize bleeding, and patients are advised to avoid blood-thinning medications before the procedure.
    • Delayed wound healing may occur in case of underlying health conditions or poor blood circulation. 
      Remedy: Initial medical evaluation and attending regular follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor wound healing progress.
    • It is an invasive procedure so scarring may occur at the incision sites.
      Remedy: Experienced surgeons places incisions strategically in less visible areas to minimize the appearance of scars. Scars typically fade and become less noticeable with time.
    • There is a risk of slight asymmetry between the two thighs after surgery. 
      Remedy: Skilled surgeons use their expertise to strive for balanced results, and minor corrections can often be made in a follow-up procedure if needed.
    • Temporary or permanent changes in skin sensation, such as numbness or heightened sensitivity, are experienced in the treated areas. 
      Remedy: Sensation typically returns gradually over time but may not be fully restored for everyone.
    • Revision surgery may be necessary in some cases to address issues such as persistent asymmetry or scarring. 
      Remedy: It is essential to select a qualified plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in performing thighplasty procedures.

    Thigh Lift Surgery Cost In Navi Mumbai

    The cost of thigh lift surgery in Navi Mumbai can range between INR 60000 and INR 400000. The price variation is based on several factors.

    7 Factors that may influence the overall thigh lift surgery cost in Navi Mumbai:

    1. Surgeon’s Fees

    One of the primary factors influencing the cost of thigh lift surgery is the surgeon’s fees. Board-certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience and a successful track record may charge higher fees.

    2. Type of Facility 

    The facilities where the surgery takes place can also impact the overall cost. State-of-the-art clinics with advanced equipment and amenities may have higher facility fees compared to standard medical facilities.

    3. Anaesthesia Fees

    The type of anaesthesia used during the surgery can affect the cost. General anaesthesia, which provides complete sedation, is typically more expensive than local anaesthesia, which numbs only the specific area being treated.

    4. Extent of the Procedure

    The extent of the thigh lift surgery required plays a significant role in cost determination. The type of procedure, a medial (inner) thigh lift or an outer thigh lift, may have different price points. 

    Additional procedures like liposuction to enhance results add to the overall cost.

    5. Pre-existing Health Conditions

    Patients with certain pre-existing health conditions may require additional medical assessments, diagnostic tests, and precautions, which can influence the overall cost of the procedure.

    6. Post-Operative Care

    Comprehensive post-operative care, including medications, follow-up visits, and specialized garments, can contribute to the overall cost of thigh lift surgery.