When a facial feature is properly aligned, it can significantly enhance one’s physical appearance. For those with a recessed or weak chin, chin implant surgery can be a viable option to add some definition and strength to the area.

Here we will learn more about chin implant surgery.

Know About Chin Implant Surgery

Chin implant surgery is a cosmetic procedure that aims to enhance the appearance of the neck, chin, and jawline by improving its contours.

The surgery involves placing an implant onto the chin bone, which alters the size and shape of the chin, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing facial profile. A qualified surgeon typically performs the procedure.

Chin Implant Surgery Procedure

Typically, chin implant surgery is performed on an outpatient basis under local or general anaesthesia or sedation. The process starts by making a small incision inside the mouth or under the chin to create room for the implant.

The entire procedure takes approximately one hour to complete. Once the implant is in place, the surgeon closes the incision using sutures and then applies a bandage to the chin.

Why Consider a Chin Implant Surgery?

If you find yourself feeling dissatisfied with the appearance of your face when you look in the mirror, chin surgery may be able to address your concerns.

Chin implant surgery, as previously mentioned, can enhance your self-confidence by strengthening your chin and improving the overall balance and proportionality of your facial features. 

The chin implant surgery helps to achieve the following result:

  • Corrects a recessed or weak chin
  • Helps reduce full or double chin
  • Improves the jaw and neckline
  • Shapes the chin proportionally

These are some ways in which chin implant surgery helps enhance one’s facial appearance. Above all, it also helps to boost self-confidence.  

What Does a Chin Implant Look Like?

A chin implant is a custom-made, solid silicone device designed to fit a patient’s chin bone. These implants come in different sizes and contours, and your surgeon will work with you to choose one that will provide a natural look and enhance your features.

Once inserted, it is difficult for others to notice any augmentation as the implant feels and appears natural, blending seamlessly with your existing chin.

To understand which type of implant is ideal for your facial feature, you will have to book a consultation with your surgeon. After examining various factors and your facial proportionality, they will customise your best solution. Visit PVR Aesthetica to book an appointment now!

Recovery from Chin Implant Surgery

Following chin implant surgery, you can expect to experience some downtime, but you should be able to resume normal activities within a week.

Any discomfort can typically be managed with pain medication. To promote healing and reduce postoperative swelling, sleeping with your head elevated for one to two weeks after the procedure is recommended. 

If your job requires strenuous activity, you should wait at least two weeks before returning to work. To make sure that your healing is optimum and outcomes are as per your desire, following all postoperative guidelines provided by your surgeon is essential.

While it may take up to three months for the final results to be visible, the implant itself is permanent and will not be affected by ageing or other external factors.

It is important to consider the follow-up advice of your surgeon or health provider. It helps mitigate any severe complications and makes the recovery quicker and more effective. If you are looking for a clinic with a good reputation, then visit PVR Aesthetica. We are known for our successful surgeries with realistic results.  

Chin Implant Surgery Risks

When performed by experienced surgeons, chin implant surgery carries minimal risk of complications. However, there are some potential risks to be aware of, including hematoma, infection, poor scarring, implant displacement, and anaesthesia-related issues.

Discussing these risks with your surgeon and carefully following all pre- and postoperative instructions to minimise the chance of complications is important.

The medical team of PVR Aesthetica is highly skilled and experienced, which helps to provide effective results without any severe complications.

Moreover, the advanced technology and resources allow us to customise the plan that best suits each individual. So, you can book your appointment at any time and consult with one of the top cosmetic surgeons.

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